The OJAS ELEMENTS® Difference

From Seed To Finished Product, Our Relationships Make

Ojas elements® Unique

Many supplement companies try to tap into the botanical richness India offers when it comes to supplement ingredients. But they get stymied by bureaucracy. They cannot cut through the paperwork to verify ingredient purity and identity.


Our Team has spent years cultivating multi-generational business connections. His long standing relationships with farmers and processors are our bread and butter.


Working superhuman hours, we leverage this network in order to make sure you get the quality your health depends on. From every seed to the capsule in your hand.


Instead of relying on rubber stamped, quality control paperwork, every link in the supply chain is accounted for personally. Our team is on the ground, talking to people, visiting farms and processing plants. 

These farmers, processors, and manufacturers are the heart and soul behind our rigorous sourcing and dedication to fair trade. We make sure we know where all of our products are derived from and the people who make it all happen.

And the beauty of this is that as Ojas Elements® grows, so do all of the farmers and processors who have stuck with our exacting standards.  

With technology-based in the USA,
a production based in India, we are globally-inspired.

We serve customers around the world. We tap into health insights from different corners of the planet.

  • We focus on giving you the full information you need to create the life you want. That means we’re transparent, dedicated to science, quality and innovation.

  • All our products are manufactured in tightly regulated facilities that follow FDA cGMP guidelines. 

  • We research our ingredients diligently, ensuring we get only the highest quality ingredients at the best value for you.

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