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An Ancient formula for Skin and Hair ailment is VEDIC A2 GHEE.

From using in food to enhance taste, to lighting mud lamps or diyas and in performing auspicious rituals, ghee is used everywhere. Ghee or so called clarified butter was commonly use in Indian culinary sector. Unless it was side lined by vegetable oil because of its highly saturated fats. Whereas westerners go for ghee. One best example comes from celebs kitchen “ Kourtney Kardishian ”. Who starts her day with a heaped spoonful of ghee according to a recent post on a website.

Vedic A2 Ghee is obtained from Gir cow’s A2 milk which is native Indian breed of cow which is highly reputed. As per the Shastras (Hindu Rulings), the ghee made from the vedic ghee-making technique is called ‘Bilona Ghee’.

Hand-churning ghee in this manner is said to retain healthy, fat soluble vitamins, which facilitate the absorption of essential nutrients in our body. Hand-churned ghee also contains conjugated linolenic acid which is helpful in losing weight, particularly belly fat.

Ghee based cosmetics has niche market in India when there could be more number of ghee based products like moisturizing crème, lip balms, hair conditioners, eye makeup remover, foot cream.


  • Ghee consist of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E which helps aid weight loss also helps us to keep body warm from inside.

  • It also helps balancing hormones and prevent dark circles

  • According to Ayurveda, ghee is a vital nourishing natural ingredient for the body and is considered to be a saatvik or 'positive food'. It is one of the more easily digestible fats that balance the heat elements in the body.

  • Its anti-inflammatory properties may help reducing inflammation, rashes in our skin.

  • It supports fighting ageing as it poses moisturizing and healing properties. Which helps repairing the damaged skin tissues and supports building healthy collagen and to get supple skin.

  • It also helps boosting bone health and fortifies immune system.

  • Helps to get rid off chapped dry and dark lips as it also has whitening characteristic.

Vedic A2 ghee is equivalent product giving similar benefits such as helps healing dry patchy skin also moisturizes skin gives soothing effect specially beneficial during harsh winters.

These supplements supports overall health development of the hair such as:-

  • Hydrates dry, frizzy chaotic hair.

  • Improves rough hair structure and gives smooth texture.

  • Works as deep conditioner to get silky hair.

  • Promotes strong hair growth.

  • Helps give bouncy detangle hair.

Messy Homemade FacePack

After looking at the benefits of ghee you must be wondering to apply ghee on your skin or make masks with help of ghee by mixing number ingredients but this methods are tedious, sticky and also time consuming and can leave unnecessary oily stuff on the hair/skin if not applied in proper or adequate amount.

  • The all in one solution to this is by consuming proper dose of Vedic A2 ghee without spending your precious time on weekends in salons or sitting home and applying those messy packs.

  • We have Vedic A2 ghee capsules in which ghee is made from pure A2 milk obtained from Gir cow that has zero trans fat.

  • So, add this ultimate ancient formula to your daily routine by having one capsule after meal to stay healthy & fit

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