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Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Ingredients can be naturally or artificially occurring but any potential impact depends on the compound they are made up of. The doses of potentially dangerous chemicals found in cosmetics are considered too small to pose a risk to human health but slowly deteriorates the skin and tissues. Cosmetics are the products designed to cleanse, to change or alter the appearance of the external part of the body mostly targets skin.

So, would like to switch on something healthy internally so that you look beautiful glam within rather than spending your longer time on altering your appearance to look good and feel good? We have amazing solution for your skin to maintain its health and to make skin resistant towards the pollution by adding nutricosmetic supplement which consist of adequate amount of pure naturally obtained ingredients.

Seabuckthorn Oil

Description- It strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis in dry skin and protects against transepidermal water loss. It’s obtained from the fruit or seeds of seabuckthorn. Active ingredient used in cosmetic industry and medicine. As it contains essential fatty acids which helps maintain over all health of the skin tissues.


  • It consist of liposomes, allowing the introduction of active substances into the skin or ceramides that supports providing proper hydration and smooth the skin, as well as they help to provide skin firming and regeneration.

  • It consist of essential vitamins needed for skin A, B, C & E. it also helps in healing damage occurred by sunburn, X-ray radiation, rashes.

  • Helps replenishing essential fatty acids to fight aging at it is high source of omega-7 as it works as the great moisturizing factor for your skin.

  • Helps increasing endurance of firm skin. Support to maintain healthy skin helps prevent premature aging of the skin. Supports healing extremely dry skin.

  • Promotes healthy metabolism which helps stabilizing hormones and prevents acne which depends on the individual’s body. Helps boosting immune system and can aid in gastrointestinal protection. Also helps you to keep your heart at bay healthy.

Essential natural dose to be in taken suggested is 400-450 mg per day.


Description- lycopene is the red colored compound which is predominantly found in tomatoes. It is carotenoid hydrocarbon in unsaturated form which is essential for skin. It is highly antioxidant. It is fat soluble pigment found in vegetables and fruit on large scale.

Antioxidants helps prevent and undo damage to collagen in the skin. Lycopene has something to offer for all kinds of skin but what really sets lycopene apart from all other anitioxidants is its potential effect on sun damage. It helps protect the skin from UV-rays.

Sources for lycopene:-

  1. Tomato & Red bell peppers

  2. Watermelon,Guavas,Grape fruit,Papaya

  3. Asparagus

  4. Mango

  5. Apricots


  • As it is highly antioxidant which helps releasing clogged pores, breakouts, fights aging, repairs damaged tissues which takes place due free radicles in layer of the skin.

  • It may reduce risk of sunburn.

  • It is rich source of vitamin C which may help in repairing wound and speeds up the healing process.

  • Helps stimulate collagen production and support increasing elasticity of the skin.

  • Helps you to give smooth skin.

  • It is also good for vascular health, helps reduce fine lines.

  • Needed potion of lycopene daily is 50-100 mg.

The unique formula of seabuckthorn oil and lycopene helps to give you healthy and supple skin.

So, don’t keep thinking much SKIN ELIXIR is the nutricosmetic supplement which consist of both vital ingredients. Save your time save your health, you can find the product on our page....
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