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Evening Primrose Oil Clear Skin . . . Healthy Nerves . . . Hormonal Stability

With its rich supply of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and plant sterols, evening primrose oil has caught the eye of researchers and natural health experts alike. Preliminary research link evening primrose oil’s to beautiful, clear skin, nerve health and bone health. It also has a long traditional history of use for women’s health and childbirth.  Ojas elements®’s Evening Primrose Oil 

  • Offers a rich supply of omega 6 essential fatty acids, including gamma linolenic acid (GLA), linoleic acid (LA); omega 3 fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid (ALA); omega 9 fatty acid, oleic acid (OA); long-chain fatty alcohols and plant sterols, Beta-sisosterol and campesterol, and ferulic acid;

  • Has 8.5% GLA in every capsule, above the industry standard;

  • May help with inflammation and pain, maintaining nerve health and bone density in conjunction with other nutritional products, according to preliminary research;

  • May help with menstrual and menopausal hormonal health, easy childbirth and ripening the cervix, as commonly recommended by midwives, obstetrician/gynecologists and women’s health experts;

  • May serve a role in breast and prostate health according to preliminary laboratory research;

  • Comes in an easy to take vegan cellulose gel capsule. So you get 5X less gelatin with the same nutrition you’d get in a softgel. 

  • Is manufactured and bottled in a manufacturing facility that puts quality control and safety first.  We meticulously follow the US Food And Drug Administration’s (FDA)’s good manufacturing practices (GMPs);

  • Is non-GMO and gluten-free.

  • Comes with our 100%, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee.

Your Body Needs Evening Primrose Oil’s GLA – Especially As You Age! When it comes to omega 6 fatty acids, we generally have too much of them in our diet. The majority of these fats are linked to problems with inflammation when present in high concentrations.

However, there is one exception . . .  Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is the lone omega 6 fatty acid your body may need more of. And it’s found in evening primrose seeds. GLA makes up 8-14% of the oil in evening primrose seeds. 1 When we’re young our body easily synthesizes this important fat from other omega-6 fatty acids. But as we age, we tend to lose that ability and our supply of GLA starts to dwindle. Some people also seem to lack the enzymes necessary to convert linoleic acid into gamma linolenic acid. We need GLA for many reasons:

  • GLA is converted by the body into prostaglandins, special anti-inflammatory chemicals.2

  • GLA competes with arachidonic acid, another omega 6 fatty acid that is linked to inflammation.3

  • GLA regulates the inflammatory “master molecule”, nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kB). GLA seems to prevent it from switching on genes that signal an inflammation response.4

  • GLA activates the peroxisome proliferator-activate receptor (PPAR) system that seems to play a role in how cells respond to inflammatory signals.5

Because GLA plays a role in these different aspects of inflammation signaling, it seems to play a critical role in keeping us healthy and feeling our best. Clinical research on GLA has indicated it may play an important role in heart health, blood sugar metabolism, healthy cellular reproduction, the health of your nervous system, skin health, even your weight!

As a good source of GLA, evening primrose may help in some of these areas of health. In addition, evening primrose oil’s plant sterols have also been shown to help with inflammation.6

While clinical research on evening primrose oil is still limited, it has been researched specifically for helping with these health concerns . . .

Healthy Skin Needs The Gamma Linolenic Acid Found In Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose has a long history of use by Native Americans and Europeans as a food source and for keeping occasional skin inflammation in check. 

Now evidence is starting to emerge that supports its traditional use.

In 2013, researchers from the Department of Dermatology at South Korea’s Hallym University enlisted 40 children and adolescents in a trial to see how evening primrose oil, taken orally, could help with healthy skin.

One group took 160 mg on a daily basis. The second group took 320 mg daily. Each group took half in the morning and half at night.

By the end of 8 weeks both groups of participants were delighted with the results. Researchers and participants noted how their skin looked clear and inflammation-free.

When the researchers measured the participants’ GLA blood levels, they noted a significant increase in both groups.7

GLA plays an important role in keeping the outer layer of your skin permeable.8 It stimulates the growth of your skin and hair. And it soothes inflammation in the body.9

For these reasons, ensuring your body has enough GLA can make a difference in keeping your skin looking beautiful.

Evening Primrose Oil’s GLA Keeps Your Nerves Healthy

Some of the most exciting research on evening primrose oil is how it plays a role in keeping your nerves healthy.

Because of GLA’s role in mediating inflammation, evening primrose oil seems to help keep nerves functioning fine. Even when threatened by inflammatory metabolic end products that sometimes circulate in the bloodstream.10 11

Better yet, GLA is one of the building blocks for your nerve’s protective myelin sheath. So when you have enough GLA, your body can efficiently repair and build these protective sheaths around your nerves.

In additional to the clinical evidence demonstrating evening primrose oil’s potential role in keeping nerves healthy, it has a long history of traditional use for skin health and women’s health . . . A Woman’s Best Friend? Evening Primrose’s Traditional Use For Women’s Health And Developing Evidence For This Many women have started using evening primrose oil on the advice of their midwives and obstetrician/gynecologists. While the research confirming these uses is not extensive nor conclusive, women often use evening primrose oil for concerns linked to hormonal balance and reproduction.

  • If the hot flashes associated with menopause are dogging you, a randomized clinical trial of 56 menopausal women demonstrated that evening primrose oil may help reduce the intensity of these personal heat waves.12

  • When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, evening primrose oil is often applied topically by midwives to ripen the cervix, shorten labor and prevent post-term pregnancies.13

Anecdotal evidence and small-scale studies hint that evening primrose offers many benefits to women dealing with their cycles and changes. But the research is still in its infancy. Evening Primrose Oil’s GLA Goes Even Further Thanks To Its Other Components While evening primrose oil’s GLA is a powerhouse nutrient on its own, it works even better thanks to some of evening primrose oil’s other constituents. Evening primrose contains a stellar mix of long-chain fatty alcohols. Preliminary research indicates these may make GLA’s anti-inflammatory power go even further.14 Evening primrose also contains plant sterols, beta-sitosterol and campesterol. Both of these have been shown to inhibit chemical signals linked to inflammation in the body.15

What Can Evening Primrose Oil Do For You?

Evening primrose oil has an ardent following of users who swear by its effectiveness for a number of health issues. 

Its gamma linolenic acid (GLA) plays an essential role in many aspects of your health. Extensive research associates GLA with managing pain and inflammation. And while only a few clinical trials have been conducted on evening primrose oil to confirm its applications, the results to date are promising.

And, as a staple food for centuries in Europe and North America, evening primrose oil is safe.

With Ojas elements®’s Evening Primrose Oil

  • You get a full 8.5% GLA in every capsule, above the industry standard.

  • Comes in an easy to take vegan cellulose gel capsule. So you get 5X less gelatin with the same nutrition you’d get in a softgel. 

  • Is non-GMO and gluten-free.

  • And like all of our products, it comes with a 100% guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase and get your money back. No questions asked.

Want to see what evening primrose oil can do for you? Get your premium Ojas elements® evening primrose oil today!

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