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Gulp BEAUTY NEXUS to strengthen your beauty origin

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Hey Pretty.....!!

So, what do you do on SELF-CARE SUNDAY to maintain or to have healthy and glowing skin?

Go to beauty salon for chemical treatments OR apply a homemade turmeric+curd face pack. As we all know Salon services gives you instant and short-term beneficial effects but have harmful side effects.

Especially laser treatment as the ablative and non-ablative laser have harsh side effects. It may damage the epidermal lining which comprises of complex tissues also day to day increasing amount of pollution is damaging skin.

Do you want to avoid making messy packs at home and yet get your needed magical dosage of turmeric you can achieve that with our Beauty Nexus capsules

Skin Problems people usually deal with:

  • Melasma/hyperpigmentation.

  • Dry irritated skin.

  • Acne breakouts.

  • Pimples.

  • Premature ageing

  • Saggy skin & patchy skin.

Let’s see how we can contrive solution to these problems:

  • By having a traditional diet, ample amount of water, enough amount of sleep (beauty sleep) in the night is essential these are few minor steps we take to have glowing and naturally highlighted skin but busy hectic schedule,odd working hours disturbs this process.

  • The quality of the food which we eat is degenerating day by day that’s why enough amount of nutrition isn’t being provided for nourishment of our body and Skin.

  • So, to get supple firm and glowing skin one can have more amount of green vegetables, soups, salads and yummy fruit juices and water.

Major habits affecting our health and skin:

  • According to the research applying sugar externally for our skin in scrubs which gives some of us positive glowing effect on the skin whereas consuming sugar more like, if suppose one has sweet tooth and consumes sweet frequently which tends to give negative impact on skin where our skin gets prone to acne and pimples more in most of the cases. So, one should also have control on sugar intake.

  • Where as you can focus on having naturally obtained sugar from fruits and organic food to enhance your beauty, which helps getting glowing Skin and keeps you looking young for longer period of time.

Other Perks of Beauty Nexus:

Ever heard of Grandma’s medicinal pouch?

  • They always had solution on almost every health problem may it be cough, cold, fever, any kind of deficiency, skin related issues were also use to get solved by their medicinal solution.

  • Mostly those herbs and spices we do have in our kitchen or near house or in gardens but are unaware about its medicinal uses. Such as turmeric, black pepper, Clove, Tulsi, Bacopa monnieri (Bramhi), Aloevera,etc.

  • Now a days this traditional method of healing is vanishing slowly.

So, Beauty nexus is the nutraceutical supplement which comprises authentic spices and novel ingredient combination in which we can find ingredients from grandma’s medicinal pouch such as auspicious turmeric, piquancy of black pepper. Novel ingredient such as Sharp-PS which is extracted by soy beans.

What is collagen?

  • Collagen is the kind of protein which is crucial for supple skin which declines with age and exposure.

  • Lotions which claims to increase the collagen level are unlikely to do so as collagen molecules are large to be absorbed through the skin.

  • Ingesting these capsules may help in boosting collagen.

What does the collagen do?

  • The level of skin gets reduce or is damaged by internal or external factor, Sharp-PS also helps to reduces wrinkles, support in the process to heal the damage happens to skin due to UV-rays and pollution helps to get firm skin.

  • Sharp-PS may also support cognitive health. Helps reducing stress and promotes youthful and firm skin.

  • Curcumin which is highly antioxidant helps detox our skin, helps give glowing effect. It also promotes antibacterial and healing property for our skin.

  • Black pepper helps prevent acne as it promotes blood circulation.

Beauty Nexus is the nutraceutical supplement made out of plant based ingredients which can offer therapeutic benefits for skin health.

Suggested Use One Capsule Daily After Meal To Have A Balanced Skin Nutrition.



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