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Ingredients that’ll transform your beauty routine

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The Beauty Market is blooming with a tremendous growth. Infact India is the second largest consumer market in the world.Today awareness of beauty products and treatments is at an all time high in India.There is greater awareness of the ingredients in products and customers make choices based on this knowledge.

Various Cosmetic Products claims many superiority benefits for skin care but if you know the right ingredients you can quickly sniff out.

Hence,We wanted to share with you these 3 Vital skin-replenishing ingredients that are completely vegan & natural that grow around you.

1) BIOTIN- A cart full of goodness!

Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin that converts food into energy. It gets its name from the Greek word ‘Biotos” which means sustenance or life and is one of the complex B vitamin with health benefits which is awesome for us.

Places where I can be found!

Biotin can be easily found in food. Foods with rich biotin are eggs, bananas,cheese,leafy greens,meat products, eggs, grains, mushrooms and cauliflowers.It is also available as a supplement or as a component of mixed vitamin supplements.In addition, your gut bacteria produce some amount of biotin.

Behold, get healthy nails, hair and skin!

  • You want to flaunt your lovely complexion?

  • You want strong elegant nails too, right?

Yes, then make sure that you get your required dose of biotin. Studies are underway to indicate that biotin is helpful to rectify brittle nails and falling hair. It also helps to reduce problems of rashes in the scalp. And we all know that it helps in skin aliments too. It is how perhaps biotin got its alias Vitamin H – H stands for Haar and Haut which means hair and skin in German language.

Recommended biotin allowance

For teenagers and adults, a maximum intake of up to 30 to 100mcg is recommended. For breast feeding mothers, it is 35 mg. The good news is that chances of having biotin- side effects is minimal or non-existent as the extra consumed passes out of the body in the form of urination.

2) VITAMIN E- The most abundant antioxidant

It is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin. In 1936, it was biochemically characterized and named tocopherol (Greek: “tocos” meaning offspring and “phero” meaning to bring forth)


Vitamin E is synthesized by plants and must be obtained through dietary sources. Richest sources are nuts, spinach, whole grains, olive oil, and sunflower oil.

Try eating vitamin E-rich foods with those high in vitamin C, such as red bell peppers and citrus fruits, since the two work well as a team to protect skin.

Content and availability

  • Vitamin E is the most abundant lipophilic antioxidant found in human skin. In humans, levels of vitamin E in the epidermis are higher than the dermis.

  • Exposures to UV light or ozone lower the vitamin E content in skin, primarily in the stratum corneum.Vitamin E concentrations in the human epidermis also decline with age. Since epidermal structure changes with age, this may be due to increased UV penetration of this layer.

How can it help our skin?

  • Anti-pollution-vitamin e fights those effects caused due to skin exposure to uv light,air pollution by neutralizing the free radicals.

  • Anti-aging- vitamin e also absorbs uvb light—the nasty spectrum of sunlight that’s responsible for burning and aging skin

  • Anti-inflammation-being an effective antioxidant, vitamin e also fights inflammation

How much should you get? Both men and women require 15 mg of vitamin E per day

Vitamin -E As a supplement

When taken orally, through food or supplements, vitamin E is delivered to the skin by sebum, the oily secretions produced by sebaceous glands.

3) WHEAT GERM OIL -A perfect pack of Multi-Vitamins

Wheat germ oil is extracted from the germ and is said to be equally as beneficial. The germ is loaded with essential nutrients such as plant proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, zinc, iron, selenium and potassium) and fatty acids which have proven to be beneficial for hair, skin and overall health.

Other Advantages

  • Wheat germ oil is a useful ingredient for maintaining healthy hair. As this oil is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acid, also known as linoleic acid "which acts as a hair nourisher.

  • Being a rich source of vitamin E, which helps reduce skin damage, fight free radicals, support healthy collagen formation and maintain even skin tone.Using this oil also comes with a metabolic boost, which promotes more passive fat-burning, which is important for people trying to lose weight.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are also a rich source of energy for the body that isn’t deposited as fat, so it can help cut down your belly and increase your calorie-burning efficiency, when used in moderation.


The majority of people who use wheat germ oil do not experience any negative side effects, but before adding a potent oil to your health regimen, it is best to speak with a doctor.

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