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Is Coconut Oil Good For You? You Bet!

Forget all the bad stuff you hear about fats. This one is good for you. Waist trimmer . . . heart and brain ally . . . easy to digest . . . indispensable beauty aide . . . coconut oil is a fat even your dentist might love! Find out all the details about why coconut oil is so good for you!

Ojas Elements® Coconut Oil Capsules . . .

  • Creates immediate energy and boosts your metabolism, bypassing fat storage. What a great way to help you lose weight!

  • Is demonstrated by clinical research to support heart and brain health.

  • Coconut oil is one of the few sources on the planet of medium chain fatty acids - lauric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid. Plus it offers these special fats in exceptionally high concentrations.

  • Supports dental health when used topically as a dental swish;

  • Provides monolaurin, a derivative of lauric acid, that may help your body keep your microbial count healthy;

  • Resists oxidation and can be stored safely at room temperature with no risk of rancidity;

  • Comes in easy to take liquid hard gel vegan cellulose capsules. If you’re not a fan of coconut flavor, you can simply take it by capsule and still enjoy its benefits. Plus, in comparison to softgels, you get 5X less gelatin per capsule!

  • Is made with extra virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil;

  • Is non-GMO

  • Is made only from freshly shredded coconut, not from dried copra;

  • Is produced in a nut-free facility (treenuts, peanuts);

  • Contains a good supply of omega 6 (linoleic acid) and omega 9 (oleic acid) fatty acids;

  • Comes in a special hard gelatin, liquid-filled, vegan cellulose capsule so you get more nutrition and less gelatin. On average, these hard gelatin capsules give you 5X less gelatin than softgels for the nutrition delivered – and the gelatin that is used in our capsules is of much higher quality than is industry standard.

  • Is manufactured and bottled in a manufacturing facility that puts quality control and safety first.  We meticulously follow the US Food And Drug Administration’s (FDA)’s good manufacturing practices (GMPs);

  • Comes with our 100%, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee.

Why Is Coconut Oil Good For You? 

Over the last few years, interest in coconut oil has resurged, thanks to the recovery of two “lost” studies from 1981 and 1992. These studies documented how people who live in the Pacific Islands continued to enjoy the rich taste of coconut oil.

And despite all the health experts saying this saturated fat was bad for their health, guess what?

Their health didn’t seem to suffer – quite the opposite!

See, despite the use of this saturated fat in their cooking, they had some of the healthiest hearts around!1 2 And they stayed pretty trim to boot!

Intrigued, scientists started digging deeper . . .

Why Coconut Oil Is So Good For You

The secret to coconut oil’s outstanding health benefits is its special fats. Coconut oil is one of the few sources on the planet of medium chain fatty acids or medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).

These unique fats fuel, nourish, clean and moisturize your body in ways nothing else can.

See, most fats – both saturated and unsaturated - from seeds and animal products are long chain triglycerides (LCTs). This means that the carbon backbone of the fat has 14 or more carbons. The fats in coconut oil, on the other hand, have only 6 to 12 carbon atoms. That’s why they’re called medium chain triglycerides.

This difference in length makes a world of difference in how your body metabolizes these fats. LCTs – the long ones - have to go through a more extensive digestive process. After the stomach works them over, these fats require pancreatic digestive enzymes and bile to break them down. Eventually, they are absorbed into the intestinal wall where they are combined with other fats and proteins to produce a special lipoprotein. 

These lipoproteins then circulate in your bloodstream and distributed through your body. The lipoproteins that are not immediately used for energy or construction in the body are either stored in fat cells or get stuck in your arteries as plaques.

Coconut oil’s MCTs, on the other hand, are metabolized very differently. Instead of going into your intestines after leaving the stomach, they are immediately swept into the bloodstream and taken directly to your liver. 

In your liver, they are prioritized as a source of energy. In fact they are an even more efficient fuel source than glucose.

Essentially, coconut oil’s MCTs are more likely to be used directly as energy instead of stored as fat or left to circulate in your arteries. 

These outstanding fats contribute to a half dozen reasons why coconut oil is good for you . . .

Why Coconut Oil Is Good For Your Heart Cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra recommends coconut oil due to coconut oil’s proven role in increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the healthy cholesterol) levels in the blood.3 The ratio of HDL cholesterol to low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is one of the crucial factors in heart health.

  • In a study involving 1839 Filipina women, researchers found that the more coconut oil each woman consumed, the healthier her blood lipid profile. These results match those seen in at least two other studies linking coconut oil consumption to healthy blood cholesterol levels.4

But that’s not all coconut oil offers your heart . . . 

  • Preliminary studies out of the Biotechnology Center at Federal University of Paraiba in Brazil suggest that coconut oil is good for your blood pressure! These initial studies indicate that when you combine coconut oil with exercise, you can easily keep your blood pressure in the healthy range – and that’s on top of losing weight!5

A few studies seem to contradict these findings. But these studies used hydrogenated coconut oil which has a very different chemistry in the body than extra-virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil.6 Coconut Oil Can Keep Your Brain Humming Coconut oil’s special fats seem to support excellent brain health as we age.

  • In one recent preliminary study, researchers noted that a high fat diet with fats like coconut oil may indeed slow down the aging process, particularly when it comes to your brain. Based on his findings, one of the researchers, postdoc Morten Scheibye-Knudsen from the National Institute of Health, reported, “A diet with a high content of coconut oil or similar fats will have a beneficial effect, because the brain cells are given extra fuel”7

It seems that coconut’s fats are turned into special molecules called ketones. Your brain depends on ketones to fuel its activity when glucose isn’t available or inflammation interferes with glucose metabolism.8

Why Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Digestion?

When it comes to digestion, coconut oil is routinely added to infant formulas because its special fats are easier to digest for the infants’ developing digestive system. In fact, this makes sense when you consider its chemistry has some strong correlations to human breast milk. Human breast milk is the only other natural substance with such high concentrations of lauric acid.9

Furthermore, coconut oil seems to help the absorption of important minerals like calcium and magnesium and crucial vitamins like A, D, K, E and B vitamins.10

But that’s not all . . .

In 2015, scientists at Tufts University observed that when coconut oil is a consistent part of your diet, it can help keep your gut microbial population healthy by regulating the growth of Candida albicans.11

And here’s the other side of how coconut oil can make eating more of a pleasure . . .

How Coconut Oil Can Be Your Energizing Weight Loss Secret

Coconut oil provides a direct, clean energy that can turbocharge your day. And unlike other stimulants like caffeine, coconut oil gives you a sustained, subtle and healthy energizing boost, adding both power and endurance.

See, coconut oil goes directly towards fueling your body. It boosts your metabolism overall helping you lose weight. 

One study published in the journal Metabolism showed this dramatically. The researchers compared two similar high fat diets containing 40 percent fat in the form of either MCTs or LCTs. Astonishingly, MCTs stimulated the body to burn fuel at twice the rate as the LCT diet did.12

No wonder Victoria Secret model, Miranda Kerr, says her 4 teaspoons per day of coconut oil is her secret for staying trim. She puts a bit in her green tea or salad every day and avows it’s what got her back to work within a few months after giving birth. 13

Of course, this is just one woman’s story. But plenty of research demonstrates coconut oil’s metabolism-boosting, waist-trimming powers.14 15 In fact, another study showed it helped people slim down better than olive oil did.16

But staying slim isn’t coconut oil’s only lovely contribution to your looks . . .

3 Ways Coconut Oil Can Be Your Next Best Beauty Secret

Coconut oils special fats seem to help your hair, skin and teeth look their best!

  • It turns out coconut oil’s shorter fatty acids are able to penetrate the hair shaft where other oils fail. In a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, researchers compared coconut oil to mineral oil and sunflower oil – two oils most commonly used in hair treatment products. Coconut oil consistently reduces protein loss in both damaged and undamaged hair thanks to its penetrating ability. And yet, it doesn’t weigh down the hair or make it look greasy.17

  • When it comes to the skin, coconut oil brings a wealth of skin nourishing nutrients to help smooth and soften your body’s protective barrier.

And finally,

  • For centuries, Ayurvedic tradition has recommended swishing with oil to enjoy excellent dental health. Now research is showing that this practice does indeed work . . . 60 young adults added coconut oil swishing – or oil pulling – to their daily routine. Within just a week, they saw results. The coconut oil swishing was without a doubt helping their mouth and teeth stay clean and healthy.18 This matches with what scientists have seen in laboratory studies.19

Ojas Elements® Coconut Oil Gives You All Of Coconut Oil’s Good Nutrition The key to enjoying the full benefits of coconut oil is making sure you have high quality coconut oil. And that you use it regularly. With Ojas Elements® Coconut Oil, you get both these advantages:

  • The coconuts used to produce this oil are carefully selected and harvested to ensure freshness and nutritional richness. 

  • Immediately after harvest, the coconuts are shredded, processed and cold-press extracted. No heat, hexane, bleach or hydrogenation is used. No dried copra either.

  • It is non-GMO and grown organically.

  • Thanks to our innovative liquid-filled vegan capsules, getting your regular servings of coconut oil is easy to do. No mess. No spoons needed. No complicated recipes. And because coconut oil is so shelf-stable, you can keep them in your bag wherever you go.

  • It comes in a hard gel vegan cellulose capsule, so you get more flaxseed oil and less gelatin in every capsule. On average, hard gelatin capsules use 5X less gelatin as softgels to deliver the same amount of nutrition.

  • And like all of our products, it comes with a 100% guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase and get your money back. No questions asked.

Ready to see for yourself how good coconut oil is for you? Get Ojas Elements® Coconut Oil Today!

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