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Ojas Elements® Is About Supplement Innovation Built On A Solid Foundation

I’ve never stopped learning – and loving what I’m learning about fitness and nutrition. This excitement imbues every part of what we do.

We’re always on the lookout for innovations. For example . . .

Instead of the all too common liquid gelcaps, we use liquid-filled capsules and our special Multi-Dosing™ Technology in the form of VidaSpheres™. These special delivery systems make sure you get our carefully selected nutrition in a time release fashion. And you don’t get unnecessary gelatin, mixing or binding agents.

  • We only use best raw ingredient so you get the most bioavailable, purest krill oil out there.

And yet, we don’t sacrifice the fundamentals . . .

  • We look for ingredients with a long tradition of use like Evening Primrose Oil and Black Oil Seed.

  • We look for ingredients with extensive clinical research like Vitamin D3, CoQ10 and Krill Oil.

  • With one foot planted in the soil of India, we also tap into the country’s rich heritage of herbal wisdom. India is the birthplace of Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest forms of medicine. Indians have used herbs, oils, spices and food for health over thousands of years. In modern day India, these traditions are as vibrant as ever . . . and they continue to change and grow as new discoveries are made.

Ojas Elements® brings all of these resources together as we develop our products. Finally, we are a company with a larger mission to make the whole world a healthier, livelier place . . .

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