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This Festive Season Boost Your SKIN CARE With SKIN ELIXIR.

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

In the current fact paced world knowingly or unknowingly unhealthy habits affects and reflects on your skin.

So, when we say “skin care routine” what is first thing that comes to your mind?

scrubs, face masks, face packs… etc

Let me bring one thing to your notice that even if these cosmetic products may give faster results on your external skin but internally they weaken your epidermis layers which makes your skin duller & darker day by day due to lack of nutritional supplementation.

This October heat isn't just ridiculous???

The weather in the month of October in the Indian sub-continent is called 'October heat'.

How should you deal with it?

A sudden rise in temperatures can come with challenges: dehydration, strokes, skin irritation and ultraviolet exposure.

  • Staying hydrated

  • Consuming foods that have a cooling effect and

  • keeping your skin covered from direct sunlight

Surprisingly Skin Elixir could also help you in some ways to protect your body from the heat, until cooler weather comes to the rescue.

  • It a dietary supplement which helps nourishes and enhances your skin inside out respectively.

  • Basically dietary supplements are any nutritional supplement which provides nutrients which are not consumed in sufficient quantities through our daily meals or the food

  • which we eat.

  • Hence, our body isn’t getting enough amount of nutrition.

Now, lets know how melanin sculpts healthy skin.

  • It helps preventing skin disorder like Sunburn.

  • Sunburn, which is caused due to direct exposure of the body or skin in the sun. Such as swelling of the skin which turns red or pink, skin that feels warm on the touch, pain tenderness and itching, to avoid sunburn melanin plays important role under the skin, melanin is a natural sunscreen which is produced beneath the skin.

  • To protect the skin melanin absorbs harmful UV-rays/light in the atmosphere, converts into heat energy. Lack of nutrition to the skin which leads to inadequate amount of secretion of melanin causes sunburn.

  • Inadequate amount of secretion of melanin causes sunburn which is inter-linked to incomplete nutrition provided.

  • Overcome these problem easily by consuming DAILY TWO DOSAGE OF SKIN ELIXIR CAPSULES after meal

  • These liquid filled capsules are completely vegan and without gelatin.

  • Since they are 'food derived' substances they benefit us with zero toxicity level.

  • A high content of carotenoids and tocopherols sea-buckthorn oil can be used in treatment of burns, frostbites, bedsores and skin damage, e.g. resulting from the exposure to sun rays.

Other Benefits of Skin Elixir

  • Sea-buckthorn oil strengthens the structure of hair therefore it is used as an effective remedy against hair loss

  • As it is a great antioxidant it also firms and tones sagging skin smoothing out wrinkles

  • Sea-buckthorn oil stimulates wound healing (including necrotic wounds), stimulating regeneration and processes of forming new healthy epidermis, and moreover collagen synthesis.

  • Lycopene's antioxidant and UV-blocking capabilities naturally make it a valuable weapon in the battle against aging skin.

Lycopene's sun protection is equivalent to approximately SPF-3

The Bottom Line

  • Due to a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and related fast rancidity process of seabuckthorn oil is recommended that it is used in the form of capsules for cosmetic product such as Skin Elixir.

  • So stop thinking more and Order your dosage of skin care right now.......!

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