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Vitamin D3 with Coconut Oil (you might add a simple comment or two about coconut oil)

What Does Vitamin D Do For Health?Just AboutEverythingAccording To Emerging Research!

What does vitamin D do for your health? Study after study has linked this unique hormone to heart health, brain health, bone health, healthy pregnancy, weight loss, blood sugar levels and more. In fact, it’s almost hard to find something that vitamin D does NOT do for your health. Ojas elements® Vitamin D3:

  • Is the active form of vitamin D, cholecalciferol. So your body doesn’t need to do any work to convert it in order to use it;

  • Gives you a full 3000 IU, within the range recommended by hundreds of health experts and doctors in order to enjoy its benefits;

  • Comes in an easy to take vegan cellulose gel capsule. So you get 5X less gelatin with the same nutrition you’d get in a softgel.

  • Is dissolved in extra virgin coconut oil for optimum stability and additional health benefits;

  • Benefits your bones, heart, brain, blood sugar metabolism, immune system and more;

  • Is manufactured and bottled in a manufacturing facility that puts quality control and safety first.  We meticulously follow the US Food And Drug Administration’s (FDA)’s good manufacturing practices (GMPs);

  • Comes with our 100%, no questions asked, satsfaction guarantee.

Vitamin D Does So Much In Your Body You Need To Make Sure You Get Enough! Recently, the Institute of Medicine, after reviewing years of data, tripled the amount of vitamin D they recommend for a daily allowance.  But many health experts like Dr. Edward Giavannucci of Harvard University, continue to shake their heads, saying “That’s still not enough”. And with good reason. 

Thousands of studies indicate vitamin D may be critical for heart health . . . blood sugar metabolism . . . immune health . . . nerve health . . . how strong our muscles are . . . how our cells reproduce . . . and much much more.1 Vitamin D has even been implicated in keeping our teeth strong!2

Researchers have spotted vitamin D receptors on cells throughout your body. 

Essentially your whole body needs vitamin D!

In fact, simply put, a vitamin D is so crucial for how your body works that a deficiency may be a warrant for dying early.

According to a population study conducted by Dr. Daniel Dudenkov, MD, of the Mayo Clinic, people low vitamin D levels are more than 2 times likely to die early than people with the highest levels of vitamin D.3

Because of these kinds of findings, health experts like Dr. Giavannuci, the Berkeley Wellness Letter, bone health doctors, and many others have banded together in recommending daily supplementation of 1000-3000 I.U. vitamin D. Some even recommend as much as 10,000.4

Here are some of the specific reasons why so many health experts push vitamin D supplementation . . .

Vitamin D keeps your bones strong

If children don’t have enough vitamin D, they get rickets, a painful vitamin deficiency marked by bowed bones in the legs. Adults with vitamin D deficiency develop osteomalacia and weak bones.5 We’ve known about the impact of vitamin D deficiency on bone strength for a while. 

Now we’re starting to understand why the connection is so big. Vitamin D helps your body build and maintain bones in multiple ways . . .

  • First, vitamin D promotes your digestive system’s absorption of calcium. Without adequate vitamin D, you can’t absorb calcium into the gut. 

  • It then regulates the levels of calcium and phosphate in circulation by regulating how much of these minerals is released from the bones.6 And how much is absorbed in the kidneys. 

  • Finally, vitamin D plays a key role in bone mineralization, growth and formation.7 8

Vitamin D’s role in keeping your bones strong is the most extensively and accurately researched vitamin D benefit. 

But it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what D does for your health . . . 

Vitamin D Does Wonders For Your Immune Health

You don’t want to do anything to handicap your immune system. And increasingly, research is revealing that your immune system depends on vitamin D to perform at its best.

Did you know if you don’t have enough vitamin D, the most aggressive defender cells – your killer T cells – will stand idly by while threats invade your body?

According to research out of the University of Copenhagen, before T-cells activate in response to a threat, they first seek out vitamin D. Your T-cells put up tiny antennae looking for this special nutrient in the bloodstream.

If they find enough vitamin D in the blood, they will then proceed to replicate and take on the threat. If they don’t find enough vitamin D, however, they’ll let the threat pass, unheeded.9

Additional studies reveal that not only T-cells, but macrophages, cytokine-producing monocytes, B cells and other immune cells all respond to vitamin D in various ways. Even more significantly, not only does D keep your immune system active, it also seems to regulate your immune system, keeping your immune activity balanced and healthy overall.10 11

But immune cells and bone cells aren’t the only cells responding to vitamin D’s powerful influence . . . 

When It Comes To Cellular Reproduction Vitamin D Impacts Cell Growth At The Genetic Level!

Vitamin D not only regulates how cells perform their function in the body – like building bones or defending you from invaders – it also seems to regulate the essential cell activity of growth and reproduction.

Evidence is emerging that vitamin D impacts healthy cellular reproduction at the genetic level. Vitamin D seems to modulate genes that encode proteins directing 

  1. How cells proliferate; 

  1. How cells differentiate; and 

  1. When cells die.12

And scientific modeling based on preliminary research out of University of California at San Diego indicates vitamin D plays another essential role in the cell life cycle. Vitamin D seems to help keep cells communicating with each other. It seems that when cells are touching and communicating well, they maintain a healthy course of development.13

What Else Does Vitamin Do For Your Health?  Your bones . . . your immune system . . . even how your cells reproduce and grow . . . vitamin D is a critical part of all of these processes in your body. And the promise of vitamin D keeps going . . .

  • Preliminary research has linked vitamin D to healthy mood and brain activity. Because of this growing body of evidence, an international panel of brain health experts met in Boston in July of 2013 and came to a strong consensus. They recommend that older adults be screened for vitamin D deficiency because of its probable role in keeping our brains sharp as we age.14

  • When it comes to blood sugar metabolism, over a thousand studies have linked vitamin D to keeping blood sugar levels healthy. Most of these studies were preliminary, but recent clinical trials are confirming these findings. It seems that supplementing with vitamin D can help you keep your blood sugar metabolism on an even keel and make sure that your cells are responsive to insulin.15

  • Best of all, thanks to dozens of studies, Vitamin D is emerging as an ally in keeping your nerves and eyes safe and healthy with respect to blood sugar metabolism.16 17 Researchers speculate that vitamin D’s role in curbing inflammation in the body may help keep your nerves and eyes working well. Essentially vitamin D covers all areas of health related to how your body responds to glucose.

Most Of Us Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D Without Supplementation According to the National Institutes of Health Office Of Dietary Supplements, of particular concern for vitamin D deficiency are:

  • People who are older, since your skin has a harder time making vitamin D as you age;

  • People who have dark skin, since the melanin in skin limits the exposure to UV rays that triggers vitamin D production in the skin;

  • People who don’t get a lot of sun due to climate or lifestyle;

  • Breastfeeding infants, particularly with mothers who have darker skin since their primary source of vitamin D may be their mothers’ milk. Breast milk of women with darker skin has often found to be deficient without supplementation;

  • Obese people who have had gastric bypass surgery. Fat can sequester your vitamin D supply making it unavailable to the rest of the body. And gastric bypass surgery prevents D from making it into the small intestine where it is absorbed into the bloodstream;

  • People with inflammatory bowel disease or other conditions limiting gut absorption of vitamin D.18

And now it looks like even everyday items in our homes may be putting us all at risk for vitamin D deficiency . . .

  • New research published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism indicates that exposure to bisphenol A and phthalates, a group of chemicals found in many personal care products, may also lower your vitamin D levels.19 In this study involving 4557 participants, the link was strongest in women.

While more research needs to be done to understand why this is so, the authors of this study hypothesize that perhaps phthalates and other endocrine disruptors interfere with vitamin D in the same way they interfere with other hormones in the body.

Experience For Yourself What Vitamin D Does In The Body!

Now you understand how important this vitamin is for good health. And as you can see, many of us don’t get enough. Particularly in the winter when our exposure to sun is lower than ever.

For this reason supplementation is critical. And Ojas elements® offers a great way to the Vitamin D you need.

Ojas elements®’s Vitamin D 

  • Is in the active form, cholecalciferol, or D3. 

  • Comes in an easy to take vegan cellulose gel capsule. So you get 5X less gelatin with the same nutrition you’d get in a softgel. 

  • Is dissolved in extra-virgin coconut oil for maximum stability and additional nutritional benefits;

  • Gives you a full 3000 IU of vitamin D so it’s easy to get your blood levels up. You don’t have to take multiple capsules to get what you need.

  • And like all of our products, it comes with a 100% guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase and get your money back. No questions asked.

Find out what vitamin D can do for you with Ojas elements®’s Vitamin D3 capsules. Get yours today.

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