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Vitamin E with Wheat Germ Oil

Vitamin E Benefits Your Entire Body, Protecting Your Fats from Free Radicals Vitamin E’s antioxidant power offers critical protection to your body against free radical damage. Find out how this important nutrient benefits your entire body. Ojas Elements® Vitamin E:

  • Gives you 853 IU of vitamin E’s antioxidant power with every capsule;

  • Plays a critical role protecting cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood from oxidation;

  • May support liver, skin, heart and brain health as well as healthy pregnancy and fetal development;

  • Seems to play a role in healthy cell reproduction;

  • Is in the natural d-alpha-tocopherol form so your body can squeeze out every benefit from it;

  • Is mixed with wheat germ oil, the world’s richest source of vitamin E as well as a good source of the healthy octacosanol;

  • Comes in an easy-to-swallow, hard gel vegan cellulose capsule. You get 5X less the amount of gelatin per serving as you would with a softgel.

  • Is manufactured and bottled in a manufacturing facility that puts quality control and safety first.  We meticulously follow the US Food And Drug Administration’s (FDA)’s good manufacturing practices (GMPs);

  • Is non-GMO;

  • Comes with our 100%, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee.

Are You Getting The Vitamin E Benefits You Should Be? If you eat lots of nuts, seeds, and wheat germ, you may be getting enough vitamin E. But chances are you’re not. More than 90% of the US adult population doesn’t get enough vitamin E in their diets, according to dietary research.1

The consequences of this deficiency are still somewhat unknown. Much of the research on vitamin E’s impact on heart health and brain health is still somewhat unclear. But that may be because the role this nutrient plays in our body and the stages it goes through as we metabolize it are more complex than what researchers initially thought.

What we do know is this . . .

Vitamin E Keeps Your Fats From Getting Oxidized

A powerful, fat soluble antioxidant, vitamin E seems to play a particular role in keeping your fats from getting oxidized. As your cholesterol and triglycerides float down your bloodstream, vitamin E rides along, defending them from any attacking free radicals.

This role in protecting fats from free radicals translates to a potential role in keeping your heart healthy2 and taking a burden off your hardworking liver.3 This may also explain how vitamin E seems to support immune health as well. 4 5

And since your brain is mostly made of fat, it makes sense that . . . Vitamin E Seems To Keep Your Brain Healthy From Infancy To Old Age Even before birth, vitamin E seems to play a significant role in how our brains function. Researchers have found that vitamin E seems to have a significant impact on the development of the brain and nervous system.

  • In one study conducted in China, higher blood concentrations of vitamin E in the mother and umbilical cord was linked to higher cognitive performance at age 2 for the children.6

  • Additional studies have shown that a deficiency of vitamin E during pregnancy can lead to brain development problems.7

Vitamin E’s impact on brain health may continue into old age although the research is still somewhat inconclusive . . . In one instance supporting this possibility, A group New York researchers in New York have found that when older adults take vitamin E it seemed to help them maintain more independence and cognitive functioning over time. In this study 643 seniors participated, taking 2000 IU vitamin E daily for 5 years.8

A 2014 review of studies on vitamin E and senior brain health has shown that seniors who seem to have the best memory and brain performance have the highest levels of vitamin E circulating in their bloodstream.9

Laboratory research on the mechanics of how vitamin E helps the brain suggests that vitamin E seems to protect the fats that compose the bulk of your grey matter from degeneration.10

Vitamin E May Play A Critical Role In Regulating How Your Cells Proliferate

Throughout the body, vitamin E benefits cell turnover and tissue development. It seems to play a role in regulating how your cells proliferate. This may be linked to its antioxidant status.

According to the FDA, some scientific evidence suggests that consumption of antioxidant vitamins may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. However, FDA has determined that this evidence is limited and not conclusive. 11

One important factor to consider with regards to getting the best out of vitamin E’s antioxidant protection is that it seems to work better in concert with vitamin C. Vitamin C regenerates vitamin E, even when vitamin E is bound to fats in tissue.12

Vitamin E Benefits Your Muscles!

For years, researchers knew that when people don’t have enough vitamin E, it often shows up in their muscles. Their muscles start wasting away. Vitamin E is necessary for the structural and functional maintenance of smooth, skeletal and cardiac muscle.13

But even though we knew severe vitamin E deficiency was linked to muscle wasting, we didn’t know if it could help with sport nutrition.

Now that’s changing as researchers at the Medical College at Georgia at Augusta University are starting to hone in on why vitamin E may play a role in muscle building and recovery.

See, if the membrane encasing your cells gets damaged, the contents can leak out and the cell can’t function very well. When you exercise, the membranes of your muscle cells often get torn with use. 

Vitamin E can help repair these membranes fast so your muscles can rebuild – fast.

Vitamin E is one of the few antioxidants that can work with fats. It seems to protect the fats in your cell membranes from oxidative stress while your body is trying to repair them. And this is particularly critical after you exercise . . . here’s why :

When you exercise you burn up tremendous calories. And every time you burn calories you produce free radicals. With this extra dose of free radicals floating around after a workout, your cell membranes need vitamin E’s protection even more.

So as you can see, when you have enough vitamin E, the body is able to repair muscle membranes (and thus muscle cells) that have been roughed up during athletics quickly and thoroughly. 14 Vitamin E Can Help You Keep Your Skin Beautiful And Youthful Vitamin E is an integral part of your skin’s maintenance system. 

  • It seems to protect your skin from free radicals and UV light exposure.  

  • It seems to play a role in keeping inflammation on the low;

  • Finally, vitamin E seems to support your body’s skin repair process.

While the most benefits seem to come with using vitamin E topically on the skin, it also seems to offer some support for healthy skin when used internally. Especially when combined with vitamin C.15 Vitamin E’s benefits when it comes to your skin seem to extend to helping your hair stay thick and healthy. In one double-blind placebo controlled clinical study, volunteers saw a 34.5% increase in hair thickness (the number of hairs cut from a given spot) after 8 months of supplementing with vitamin E.16 And if glowing skin and thick hair isn’t enough, you nails seem to benefit from Vitamin E as well.17 You Probably Need More Vitamin E If You’re Overweight

If you’re overweight, you may need more vitamin E in your diet and – ironically – have a harder time getting it. According to research conducted at Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute, people struggling with obesity desperately need the antioxidant protection vitamin E offers because of all the fat in their body that is at risk for oxidation.

But most people with a lot of fat on their body are missing out on this fat oxidation protection

See, as a fat-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E is carried on fats through your bloodstream. Vitamin E researcher and professor at Oregon State University’s College of Health And Human Sciences, Maret Traber, Ph. D, explains:

"What we found was that tissues of obese people are rejecting intake of some of these lipids because they already have enough fat. In the process they also reject the associated vitamin E. So even though the tissues are facing serious oxidative stress, the delivery of vitamin E to them is being impaired, and they are not getting enough of this important micronutrient."18

See How Vitamin E Benefits Your Health – Today!

As you can see, vitamin E is an integral part of health. 

While some of the research is confusing and inconclusive, plenty of evidence indicates that strategic use of vitamin E benefits your heart, your brain, your muscles, your skin, your hair, even your nails . . . 

It can help your baby develop properly . . . 

And evidence shows that it may benefit each of your cells when it comes to reproduction and growth.

Key to getting the most benefits out of using vitamin E is to get the natural d-alpha- tocopherol form. Vitamin C also seems to renew vitamin E’s antioxidant power helping it go even further in your body.

And to augment vitamin E’s benefits, Ojas Elements® has combined vitamin E with wheat germ oil. Preliminary research links wheat germ oil to helping with endurance thanks to the alcohol octacosonol.19 Clinical research has also linked wheat germ oil’s octacosonol  to playing a role in keeping your cholesterol levels healthy. 20 Ojas Elements® Vitamin E 

  • Gives you vitamin E in its natural d-alpha-tocopherol form, combined with natural sources of vitamin E like wheat germ oil;

  • At 853 IU, gives you a reasonable amount of vitamin E to supplement a healthy diet;

Comes in our special liquid-filled vegan cellulose gelatin capsules. You get 5X less gelatin for the same nutrition as you’d get in softgels.  
  • Is non-GMO;

  • And like all of our products, comes with a 100% guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason you can request a refund within 30 days of purchase and get your money back. No questions asked.

Ready to see how vitamin E benefits your body? Try Ojas Elements® Vitamin E today!

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